Collectible GolF NFTs

Golphers have unique traits like different golf clubs, hats, on-course beverages, and some even have superpowers!

These NFTs are not meant to be an investment or financial instrument of any kind. They are just fun pieces of digital art. Appreciation of value is neither guaranteed nor promised.

Drop DELAYED - Date TBD:

SE1:FRONT9: The Members

Minting DELAYED - Date TBD
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SE1 : FRONT9 - The Members
SE1 : BACK9 - Muni Hackers

The Golph Club

Your Golpher is also your Golph Club entry token. As of now this just means you are part of a group that owns Them Golpher NFTs. As the club grows there may be opportunities for exclusive access to members only drops, events, merch, and even limited edition Golph Club clubs (like actual real sticks with hunks of metal on the ends of them.) Some of these members only drops could be raffeld of to club members every time there is a release.*

Possible Golph Club Releases

Limited Edition Golph Club Putter - Possible IF SE1 : FRONT9 SELLS OUT


The first members only release is a limited edition ball marker/bottle opener. Only 50 will be made and are exclusively available to Golph Club members (people who own a Them Golphers NFT).

Work In Progress - 3D Modeled Golpher NFT

A possible Golph Club Members only 3D Golpher NFT drop!

Potential ROADMAP

Roadmap milestones are dependent on many things coming together. This should be thought of as fun possibilities but not promises.

  • LAINCH - SE1 : FRONT9 - The Members drop - DLEAYED - Date TBD
  • Community Give Away - TBD
  • Club Members only Ball Marker Release (physical item)
  • Club Members Golpher Putter release - If SE1 : FRONT9 sells out
  • SE1 : BACK9 Muni Hackers - If SE1 : FRONT9 sells out
  • Pro Shop (Merch) Launch - TBD
  • SE2 : Robots vs Resistance - TBD
  • SE3 : Aliens vs Mutants - TBD
  • Members Only 3D NFT SR : 1 - TBD
  • SE4 : Bros vs Geeks - TBD
  • SE5 : Punks vs Steam Punks - TBD
  • SE6 : Space Explorers vs Hive Mind - TBD
  • Animated Golphers SR : 1 - TBD


Unique and Collectible

Each Golpher NFT is completely unique and programmatically assembled from hand made digital drawings. Of course there are certain traits that are more rare than others. A Golpher has a par price of .018 ETH.

The Long Haul

The roadmap consists of different themed seasons each with a FRONT 9 and a BACK 9 drop. Each drop consists of 3,600 unique Golphers. If the community grows and the goals are hit, more fun stuff is on the horizon! Each goal becomes a brick in the long path forward.

World Building

Them Golphers is more than collectible NFTs. It's about the possibility of creating multiple destinations, discoverable content, and games to add a little something extra to the whole experience. It's about a parallel universe full of stories to tell.

The Question of IP

This is a shared IP model. If you buy it, you own it. You can make and sell things with it. Them Golphers and NoOne Speshole also has the right to use the likeness of your Golpher in any form. This seems fair. You as the Golpher owner can do what you please with your Golpher. At the same time Them Golphers and NoOne Speshole don't have to worry about accidentally using its likeness in some form (marketing or whatever). Does this mean that it might be reproduced as an NFT some day? Nope. Your Golpher will never be intentionally duplicated and sold as an NFT by Them Golphers or NoOne Speshole. This shared IP does not extend to any branding, logos, or any other copyrighted material. If logos or other branding exists as part of the Golphers design, its re-use is limited to being reproduced as part of the overall image. As an example, if the the image of the Golpher has a Diggers logo on a hat, the logo may not be used independently to create a replica Diggers hat. Hope that makes sense. If you don't like this then you probably shouldn't purchase a Golpher.


I'm NoOne Speshole. I know there is a lot of skepticism around anonymous artists and I hope I can win your trust! For what it's worth I create under a pseudonym because it distances me from my ego, allows me to create without judgement, and helps me manage my ADHD induced rejection sensitivity disorder. In any case I hope you like what I make!
*subject to terms and conditions.